I Lose My Heart (and Other Body Parts...) The Songs of Paul Bodden - New CD!

14 newly minted Blues, Jazz, and Gospel-flavored songs by New York City Cabaret and Theater composer-songwriter Paul Bodden, sung with a distinctive voice, expressed with an open heart, and observed with a keen eye for the ridiculous and absurd. I had a great time recording this CD. Laying down the vocal and piano tracks was fun, pleasurable and easy, thanks to the superb musical supervision of maestro Seth Weinstein on the ivories and the advice, expertise and enthusiasm of engineer, Chip M. Fabrizi of PPI Recording here in New York City. About the title: I had done a cabaret act at Helen’s Hideaway Room in 2005 that had the same name. My song, “I Lose My Heart”, is the one that has been sung most often by other singers. Then, what with the Stolen Heart, Lost Head and Errant Nose featured in the other songs, it seemed like a no-brainer (oops…)

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