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  1. Gray Green Eyes

From the recording Gray Green Eyes

Although my father considered himself to be Black, he had shining gray green eyes...


Gray green eyes
Look happy today.
Gray green eyes
Smile at me and say,
“You are the only one.
You have my love
As strong as the sun.”
Smiling gray green eyes.

Gray green eyes
Are cloudy today.
Gray green eyes
Left me here to say,
“I was the only one.
I had a love, a love on the run.
Bye, bye, gray green eyes.”

Oh how you promised each time you smiled
“I will watch you forever, my child.”
But somehow that promise got all turned around,
I’m watching for my father who can’t be found
By the child who is walking on the broken ground.

Gray green eyes,
I miss you today.
Gray green eyes,
I’ll kiss you and say,
“I love you” in my dreams.
For only there it seems
Do I see those gray green eyes.

Do I see those gray green eyes?

I’ll always love you gray green eyes.

Copyright © 2003 by Paul Bodden