"Quick & Quirky"


She had lost her head.
So, she had no eyes to see;
But she got into the car
And she fiddled with the key,
And revved the engine anyway.

She had lost her head.
So, she could not wear a hat.
And she hadn't worn a coat
Even though it was quite cold,
And her nose had run away.

So, I went up to the house
To get her winter coat,
When a bus careened around the corner
And wobbled to and fro and fell over on its side.
What to do? What to do?
Go up and get the coat?
Help the people trapped inside?
Get the coat? Help the people
Though I never heard a scream?

Then I awoke.
It had all been just a dream.
Still, I wonder . . .

Did she ever find her head?
Did she find a pair of eyes?
Did her nose come home to stay?

And most importantly,
Did she ever wear a hat?
'Coz “You could put a pot on her head
And she'd still look good,”
Is what her mother always said.

Copyright © 2005 by Paul Bodden